Fotoweek is owned and operated by Susan McAnany, an established fine art photographer, with a diverse and thought provoking style. Her work often includes vibrant subjects photographed close up that challenge the viewer and excite their senses. She is also attracted to vintage, rusty, textured subjects that tell a story of their past and possible future that lays ahead.

The collection of photographic images found on Fotoweek can be purchased as fine art prints or instant “stock image” downloads by following the links displayed in the subjects description. This website was specifically created to display her available works that include a diverse palate of portraiture, black & white, abstract, landscape and stock images printed on high quality mediums and safely delivered to your location. The Fotoweek gallery will be continually updated in the future with new offerings.

If you want to learn more about Susan McAnany and see more of Susan’s work visit you can also send an email to